How to Layer your Skin Care Products To Maximize Results

How to layer your skincare products
Skin care layering is probably that most confusing thing to get used to!  Getting the routine right helps to accelerate the healing and rejuvenation process of your skin.  Figuring out the right order was probably my biggest worry after I finished creating the core products. The process is lightest or thinnest to thick, since the thin serums will penetrate deep down into the skin while the cream and lotions will sit on top of your skin.

1 - Always clean your face with water that is just a bit warmer than lukewarm water. Hot water will strip the moisture right out of your skin. Apply 1-2 pumps of cleanser to your fingers and massage in a circular motion all over your face and neck (people always forget their necks). Then rinse with luke warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth or let air dry. 

2 - If you are going to use a mask, you should cleanse first (to open up the pores) then apply the mask (always in circular motion). It helps to massage the skin and blend the mask really well. Be sure that you cover your entire face and neck (yup the neck too) being careful not to get it too close to your eyes or the sensitive skin of your lips. Leave it on for 15 - 20 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry.

3 - I recommend that people use a toner after just cleansing or after a mask. Always use a toner that is alcohol free. When you clean your face, you are cleaning out the pores. Toners will help to close your pores and add a little moisture. Before applying toner, you should pat your face dry (again with a very soft cloth) and wait about a minute for your face to dry. 

Applying serums in the correct order will ensure that you get the maximum benefit from each.  Always apply serums from the thinnest to the thickest. The thin serums will penetrate deep down while the thicker serums will stay closest to the top layer of skin.  The number of serums you use is entirely up to you. The average person will use 3 and alternate daily or use different ones for  day and night.

4 - After your face is dry, you should apply your under eye serum and let it sit for about a minute to soak in. 

5 - Next would be the Vitamin C Serum.  Apply to face, neck and top of hands in a circular motion.  Allow to set for a minute. 

6 -Next you would use the Hyaluronic Acid Serumor the Pumpkin Vitamin E Serum.  Always apply in a circular motion all over the face, neck and top of hands.  Allow to set for 1 minute.

7 - Next would be the DMAE Serumor Dark Spot Corrector.  Repeat the same way you applied the Hyaluronic Acid.  Allow to set for a minute. 

8 - Our Niacinamide Serumis a great to visibly tightens pores, reduces fine lines & wrinkles while boosting collaging production.  Niacinamide should always be used with a Resveratrol supplement, cream or serum which is optimized for anti-aging antioxidant performance. 

(source: FutureDerm)

9. Next you need to lock in moisture with the Triple Action Daily Moisturizeror the Vitamin C & Sea Buckthorne Daily Moisturizer so that you don't look like a lizard mid day (been there-done that - not pretty). Apply to face and neck (and your hands too if you don't use a hand lotion) It will give your face and neck the protection you need throughout the day.

10. At night, cleanse, tone, apply serum/serums then use a night cream that works while you sleep to hydrate your skin. We have both a Skin Renewal Night cream and for more skin brightening treatment use our Retinol Cream.

Getting into a routine and being diligent even when we've had late nights is the key to keeping youthful skin. Always allow your skin to absorb each product before applying the next. (1-2 minutes between applications) Layering is important to make sure your skin receives all of the benefits.  AND DRINK LOTS OF WATER!! Hydration inside and out is the key to looking fabulous!