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Welcome to Glimmer Goddess® Organic


Founded in 2015 with just a handful of products, today we bring our customers a full lineup of the all-natural skin and hair care products they truly desire.

Always free of chemicals, fragrances and toxins, our products are designed to cleanse, correct, hydrate, protect and provide the glowing skin that we all want.

Glimmer Goddess® is a family-owned small business, dedicated to using only certified natural, organic, vegan ingredients. We are proud to be cruelty-free and handmade in small batches in the USA.

Every ingredient and product is extensively tested by real goddesses just like you. Our formulas are gentle, yet effective, nourishing the cells with the essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and proteins needed for healthy, glowing skin.

Glimmer Goddess® products

  • Are completely free of fillers
  • Do not contain unnecessary water in their formulations–significantly different than typical skincare products, which are made up of 70-80% water (or more) by weight! We only use water to dissolve powdered extracts.
  • Feature 100% active ingredients, meaning each ingredient has a targeted benefit
  • Contain medicinal percentages of cosmeceutical ingredients and botanicals (in other words, they’re just as effective as the high-end products found at your favorite luxury spa)
Skin Care Collection

At Glimmer Goddess®, we’re devoted to creating products that meet the needs of specific skin types and address common concerns like aging, fine lines, dryness, eczema and allergies.

Every product begins with meticulous research on each ingredient, identifying the challenges it can improve, interactions with other ingredients and more.


Glimmer Goddess Founder Shannon Reagan

I have suffered from extreme eczema and skin allergies since I was a child, trying nearly every product on the market to address it. When I was young, my mom made homemade concoctions that I thought were a waste of time until…my skin actually healed!

Following in mom’s “figure-out-a-solution” footsteps, I started making my own skincare products in college. After many years of creating products for myself and then seeing interest (and results!) from family, and friends who used them, I knew it was time to bring these products to more people. And thus, Glimmer Goddess® was born.

Every Glimmer Goddess® product is an extension of that very first experience receiving skincare treatments from my mother as a child.

Our products are handmade in small batches with the most care possible, featuring only natural and organic ingredients that I’d personally use on myself and would feel good about giving to my loved ones.

Our Glimmer Goddess® family continues to create new products and would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions, comments or a story to share.

I look forward to glowing together,