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Shipping Policy

We try very hard to ship out orders within 1-3 days.

In those cases where multiple products have been ordered, we will try to ship all products together. When that is not possible, we will send you a tracking code for each mail piece. Customers will receive an email notification as soon as the shipping information is processed.

International customers will automatically receive tracking information as soon as the shipping information is processed but I cannot guarantee a defines delivery timeline since the USPS will only provide updates to the shipment through US customs THEN once it finally delivers.

If you would like your order to be upgraded for fastest delivery, please add special comments in the NOTES TO SELLER section. There will be additional charges for this service. We will calculate the charge and then we will have to do a separate transaction for the additional shipping charges.

FREE Shipping is available to US customers with orders over $50.00.

Shipping Method


Total Delivery Time
(including processing time)

Standard 3 Day Shipping
(Orders $75 and over)


3-5 business days (Priority Mail within the US)

3 Day Shipping
(Orders $50 up to $74.99)


3-5 business days (First Class Mail within the US)

USPS Priority


3 – 5 business days (US Only)

Gift Cards


3 – 5 business days


As you know, the hot summer months have arrived!

With the higher temperatures comes our most difficult issue with making and shipping Glimmer Goddess® products - - the melting in transit!

Since Glimmer Goddess® products do not contain chemical emulsifiers or lab-created stabilizers, some products may experience softening when the temperature is over 85 degrees, and melt completely over 95.

This means if the temperatures between our facility in Frisco, TX your home are over 85-95 degrees, your products will likely arrive softened or maybe even liquified. 

Glimmer Goddess® products are made using the finest organic butters that are whipped to emulsify the ingredients together while they solidify so that when you apply it to your hair or skin it is a wonderful homogenous blend of skin nutritious ingredients that moisturize, heal and give your hair and skin that simply radiant youthful glow. The price for each jar is factored based on the whipped volume per jar - not on 8 ounces of liquid oils.

DON’T FRET! Here's what that means:

You will think there's a problem with the product but it’s a simple issue that a quick layover in your refrigerator will cure. 

Get the package out of the heat as quickly as possible, open your jars, see if it's totally liquid. If it isn't... you can place it in the refrigerator for an hour or so or just let it sit at room temperature in your house and it will solidify just like normal. If it IS melted to a liquid, let it sit out with the lid on and every few minutes or so give it a good shake. It will gradually decrease in temperature to re-solidify. You can refrigerate if you like or put it in a bowl and re-whip, but you will lose some product on the bowl and mixer beaters.


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