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Tiffany aka ItsMeLadyG Executive Bio

Tiffany aka itsmeladyg | The Frugally Luxurious Mama

Tiffany Stuart aka ItsMeLadyGMom | Extreme Couponer | Editor & Founder of | Creator of Youtube Channel “itsmeladyg” | Creator & Organizer of The Fab Mamas Meetup Group, The She Vlogs (Women on Youtube) Network, & the NYC Makeup & Beauty Meetup Groups | Natural Hair, Fashion, & Beauty Blogger | Brand Influencer | Consultant | Host | Networker
Tiffany aka is the self-professed "Frugally Luxurious Mama". She is committed to teaching women how to enjoy life despite their circumstance or budget. She started with tips, tricks, "Is it worth it?" product reviews, and thrifty lookbooks, on her Youtube channel and blog, but took the experience "offline" by creating and organizing two meetup groups for women in the NYC area. The first is the Fab Mamas Meetup Group which consists of mothers who celebrate their fabulous mommyhood monthly with Mom Nights Out, Brunches, Couponing Classes, Spa Days, and Ice Cream Days with the kids. The second is a group of beauty products lovers called the NYC Makeup & Beauty Meetup Group. Their obsession with affordable, (and occasionally un-affordable), beauty items bring them together monthly to discover the latest trends.

Tiffany has also recently embarked on a new venture creating a community of women Youtubers called the She Vlogs Network. This group of 20 women share the common goal of empowering and increasing awareness of women content creators. Tiffany has organized projects amongst the network helping to increase exposure and viewership. This network of women have in excess of 2 million views between them.

Tiffany has many projects in the near future which will enable her to continue spreading her message to women. They include a series of "Frugally Fabulous Living" workshops with the women of the United States Postal Mailhander's Union of NYC, providing volunteer and apprenticeship opportunities for young women in the NYC area, and the launch of her exclusive "Couponing 101" webinar and Perisope series. Find her at