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Article: What You Need To Know About Organic + Natural Skin Care

What You Need To Know About Organic + Natural Skin Care - Glimmer Goddess® Organic Skin Care

What You Need To Know About Organic + Natural Skin Care

What you need to know about organic and natural skin care

The first thing someone sees when you meet is your face, not your shoe. Your face tells everything about you.

Happy? Sad? Serious? Healthy? Unhealthy? Dry? Wrinkly?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it’s in charge of regulating body temperature. Taking care of your skin at every stage in life is very very important.

The terms organic and natural skin care keep popping up everywhere when skin is mentioned.

So, we spent some time sorting through the minefield of information and found that these terms have been used wayyyyy too loosely.

While we were researching what’s organic, natural and what’s not... 

The question came back over and over again why does it even make a difference to our skin??

There are so many products on the market and it’s hard to know which one is best for your type of skin. 

One thing for sure is that your skin absorbs 67% of whatever you put on topically which means you should be careful about the ingredients in the products you use.

First, let's dig a bit deeper into the formal definitions of organic and natural. We'll also look at ways to tell the difference.

Organic Skin Care

The past decade has ushered in a period of great change in the skincare market. 

People have been steadily moving more and more toward organic products that don’t have chemicals in them...and for good reason!

When making a purchase, you have to a certain level of trust in the brand, product or ingredients.  

For many of us, who have sensitive skin, we tend to read the labels. 

Not the front, but the back...

Especially the ingredients. 

There are many well established brands out there who spend millions of dollars a year on beautiful marketing campaigns, packaging, social media. 

When you turn over the package and have a hard time reading the ingredients, then you know somethings amiss!  

This should be the trigger in your brain that somethings not right and move on down to the natural and organic skin care products.

The beauty industry has been flooded with products that often mislead the consumer when it comes to the ingredient quality.

The word natural has been loosely used by big and small company alike.

When I think of a natural ingredient, I think of plant-based ingredients like aloe vera, or fruit-based ingredients like the Kakadu plum.  I

don’t know about you but when I see silicone on the label, I think plastic. 

Do you want to rub plastic made from unknown chemicals on your skin?  Heck NO!!

The regulations in the cosmetic industry have not evolved much over the past decade.

It’s very easy to be duped out there.

That’s why the so much research has been done to show the natural benefits of clean, organic products. 

When it comes to organics, food companies that have a USDA organic certified label have a list of allowed and prohibited substances that they must observe before putting their products in the market.

I bet you're surprised that cosmetic products don’t need to be approved by the FDA.

The FDA does however, regulate the how products are labeled.  

There are companies who promote their products as organic, natural etc. yet they don’t share the entire ingredient list.  (No worries... here at Glimmer Goddess® we share everything!!)

So you have to be extra careful when purchasing any organic skin care products.

Below are the some basics to consider before making a purchase:

What does organic mean?

The word "organic" refers to how an ingredient was farmed - it must be prepared and grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones or antibiotics. 

Organic farming practices encourage soil and water conservation, as well as reduce pollution.  

Just like the word natural has been a cliché in the cosmetic industry, the word organic too has been loosely used as well.

It can appear in different ways on products.

As per the Organic Certified Label Guide, a product does not earn the trusted organic label until it reaches a 95% organic ingredient threshold.

There are products that state; made with organic ingredients.

These products have at least 70% organic ingredients. 

That’s why our labels show the exact percentage of organic ingredients in each and every product.

The price is often higher for organic products

The higher the quality, the higher the price.

Organic products can be a bit more expensive than the average chemical laden anti-aging ingredient.

The cleaner the ingredient quality, the healthier the product. The cost to be an organic farmer can be much greater.

Time is money.

Not only are organic farms typically smaller than conventional ones, but they also, on average, take more time to produce crops because they refrain from using the chemicals and growth hormones used by conventional farmers. 

This is often not a problem for large brands who have the financial ability to buy ingredients in bulk and have machines and people to make their products. 

Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency!! 

Smaller companies, like Glimmer Goddess®, buy our ingredients in small batches to ensure freshness when using them in our final products. 

Glimmer Goddess® organic products may also have a shorter lifespan for the same reason...

We use only natural preservatives, not chemicals or toxins that may harm your skin.

Natural is not the same as organic

Not everyone has the time or even the wherewithal to be in the know when it comes to skin care. 

People often confuse organic with natural.

An organic ingredient is always natural while a natural ingredient may not be. 

HUH??  It gets confusing. 

Natural Ingredients include

  • plant, animal, mineral or microbial ingredients…
  • present in or produced by nature.
  • produced using minimal physical processing.*
  • directly extracted using simple methods, simple chemical reactions or resulting from naturally occurring biological processes.*

    Natural ingredients are…

    • grown, harvested, raised and processed in an ecological manner
    • not produced synthetically.
    • free of all petrochemicals.
    • not extracted or processed using petrochemicals.
    • not extracted or processed using anything other than natural ingredients as solvents.
    • not exposed to irradiation.
    • not genetically engineered & do not contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

      Natural ingredients do…

      • not contain synthetic ingredients. **
      • not contain artificial ingredients including colors or flavoring.
      • not contain synthetic chemical preservatives


        Can we really stop the hands of time??  Here are some Anti-aging tips that may help

        If I were to say YES we can stop the clock, I would be lying and I wont do that!

        What we can change is the way our skin looks and feels.

        Being consistent with your skin care routine is essential to maintaining beautiful, healthy skin. 

        Here are a few skin care tips you really shouldn’t live without:

        Consider your skin type when choosing your skin care products

        Not every product is a fit for every person. 

        There are five main skin types: normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. 

        Knowing your particular skin type, will help you determine that products that will work best for you. 

        Click here for some additional details by skin type.

        After you’ve determined your skin type, you will know why it’s important to ready the labels.

        Look for products that are clearly labeled with a full list of ingredients.

        There is terminology that you may not be familiar with when reading labels. 

        • Non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic meaning the product does not clog your pores and will not cause acne
        • Means the product can still cause an allergic reaction but the risk is less

        Be Realistic About What To Expect and When

        Don’t expect to look 10 years younger overnight.

        If you are like me, I see a commercial with beautiful young women who supposedly use the advertised products. 

        Wait – they look about 18, they don’t have wrinkles like I do! 


        Advertisers are trying to create the perception in your brain that using their product will make you look 18 again –

        Sorry, not gonna happen! 

        Well unless you plan to go under the knife.  (Not opposed to anything that will make us feel beautiful – just saying)

        Obviously, some of these promises are too good to be true. 

        Natural and organic skin care products will not give you overnight results but what they will do, is help to heal the years and years of damage done to your skin from the environment, sun damage, poor eating, heavy alcohol or cigarette smoking. 

        It takes time and consistency, but you will see that your skin looks hydrated, healthy, glowing.   The wait is worth it!

        Select a product within your price range

        If you are like me, in my past I would have so many bottles of skin care products on the bathroom sink you would think I was crazy! 

        I’ve wasted so much money trying products. 

        Don’t get me wrong, you have to try otherwise you won’t know what you like. 

        But not all expensive products match the quality associated with the price tag.

        Toxic Chemicals in Skin Care Product Are A No Go!

        Our skin sucks up everything you put on it or around it.  It acts like a sponge for the pollutants in the air.  

        A point in fact - Chemicals like phthalates a family of industrial chemicals used to soften PVC plastic and as solvents in cosmetics and other consumer products in artificial fragrance, for example, can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system.

        90% of 10,500 skin care ingredients and cosmetics have not been tested by the US Food and Drug Administration, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review or any other concerned institution.

        That’s why we only use ingredients that are Certified Cruelty Free, Certified Toxin Free, Certified Organic

        Did you know that while the EU has over 1100 banned personal product ingredients while the US has banned only 10? 

        That’s why choosing the non-toxic products is so important.

        Make your skin care routine as natural as possible

        We are all creatures of habit. 

        Creating a skin care routine that works for your busy life will help you to be consistent which is 100% necessary to see the results you want. 

        So, keep it simple.

        A basic cleanser, witch hazel toner, moisturizer with broad-spectrum sunscreen is a great start to beautiful, healthy skin. 

        If you see wrinkles, fine lines, that “eleven” in between your eye brows, maybe some dark spot – you are ready for an anti-aging serum. 

        Always apply your products thinnest to thickest and allow a minute or two in between applications.

        Is natural really natural?

        Synthetic chemicals in the cosmetic and skin care products have always been the elephant in the room.

        Look closely at product labels. If you can’t read it, then most likely it’s not natural.  

        Say No to Artificial fragrance

        As we’ve seen previously, most fragrances have phthalates which are very harmful.

        When at all possible look for products that are scented using essential oils or natural fragrance oils that are made from the natural foods, plants, etc. and without phthalates.

        Pay Attention to packaging

        Glass packaging is the most preferable since there is no danger in leaching toxins.

        When it comes to plastics, it depends on their recycling codes, for example recycling code #1 and #2 are high density and acceptable. Avoid code #3, #7 or any other. 

        Containers with letter V refer to polyvinyl chlorides or PVCs which is also called the poison plastic. Stay away from such packages. 

        Our bottles are made of post-consumer resin for our jars and bottles. 

        There are quite a few studies that suggest recycled plastics (PCR) contain over 25% less greenhouse/carbon gas emissions than virgin resins.

        Be honest, how many of you have had a full tutorial by your mom, sister, aunt, friend etc. on how to have perfect skin???

        I bet not many.

        We learn as we go. It’s a continual learning process but I put a short list of easy steps for beautiful, glowing skin.

        • Wash with a gentle cleanser

        Cleansing is essential both morning and after a long day. You need to remove all the makeup, pollutants, bacteria as well as skin oils that have accumulated overnight or during the day.

        By removing the impurities in your skin, the skin care products you use will have a better chance to penetrate and help rejuvenate collagen and elasticity. 

        • Use a toner or splash your face with cold water to close your pores

        Toner is such an easy way to maintain clarity and restore skin’s balance.

        All it takes is a few swipes of a cotton ball to clear away pore-clogging impurities and help protect and restore your skin!

        • Use exfoliants

        When we age, the skin cells don’t replenish themselves as much as they used to. Hence our skin may start to look dull and uneven.

        That’s where exfoliants come in. They help get rid of the dead cells on our skin.

        Exfoliants come in all shapes and sizes from cleansers with micro jojoba pearls, face masks, face peels, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs etc. 

        I try to steer my customers away from using sugar or salt scrubs on their face because the crystals have jagged edges which may cause your skin irritation.

        • Use a Moisturize

        As we age, our skin begins to lack to ability to stay as hydrated as it did when we were young. 

        It also produces less sebum (oil). Less sebum and hydration will cause your skin to become dry, giving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

        Using a moisturizer whether it is a serum, or a cream can do wonders to not only hydrate your skin but also help your skin to regenerate collagen and elasticity that is minimized as we age. 

        • Use a Sunscreen

        The sun can be an enemy of the skin if you are not properly protected. In fact, it has its own area in dermatology known as photo aging.

        There is, therefore, a need to protect your skin from sun’s harmful UV rays.

        Application of broad-spectrum SPF 30 can protect your skin from sun damage and when combined with your moisturizer, can help to fade age spots, smooth wrinkles and improve skin texture...

        Dermatologists agree that sunscreens and moisturizers are the most effective of all the anti-aging products you will find.

        For noticeable changes, it’s essential to use the two. 

        That’s why we combined the 2 in our daily moisturizers.  Our sunscreens and daily moisturizers are SPF 30+. 

        I say + because we use Organic Pomegranate Oil which increases the SPF protection by 20%.

        • Protect skin against trauma (sounds weird but….)

        Have you ever woken up in the morning and found that you have an indentation of the pillow still on your face???

        I have! 

        Did you know that pressing your face too hard on a pillow can cause sleep wrinkles?

        “Sleep wrinkles are caused by repeatedly pulling, stretching and pushing the skin on the face during sleep. This generally is a problem for those who sleep on their side or stomach. Patients who tend to sleep on only one side will develop sleep wrinkles on that side of the face only. Expression wrinkles generally appear on both sides of the face. Just like sleeping positions can cause sleep wrinkles, lack of sleep can also cause wrinkles.

        In a recent clinical trial commissioned by Estée Lauder and conducted by physician-scientists at University Hospitals (UH) Case Medical Center, the term “beauty sleep” may reflect truth. The team studied the skin of 60 women. Their findings concluded that women who slept only 5 hours per night for one month had double the number of wrinkles and spots compared to those who slept at least 7 hours. The 5-hour sleepers also recovered from sunburn at a slower rate than those who slept 7 hours.

        A minimum of 7 hours a night is recommended by experts to achieve the ultimate skin health. To benefit from sleep the most, you should sleep on your back if at all possible. “


        • Healthy body, healthy skin

        Most people don’t realize that the face is not the only tell tale sign of age.  Take a look at your neck, your check, your hands. 

        See those spots, wrinkles, sagging???

        Well so does everyone else. 

        Drink lots of water. 

        Eight glasses of water a day will also flush out toxins that show up on your skin and keep it glowing. 

        Eat a balanced diet - eat plenty of proteins, healthy fats as well as complex carbohydrates.

        Exercise at least 3 times a week. 

        Limit the amount of alcohol and please don’t smoke! 

        Of all the products that I make, one that is a universal anti-aging wonder is our Organic Vitamin C Serum.

        Vitamin C is not only necessary for collagen production and maintenance, but it is also a potent antioxidant that can fight free radical damage and help rejuvenate aged and photo damaged skin.

        Below are some benefits of using a Vitamin C Serum for smooth and glowing skin. 

        Powerful Formulation

        Together, vitamins C and E and ferulic acid boost the power of each other – 8X (as antioxidants often do), making each one stronger and more effective.

        The potent combination fends off dark spots and moisture loss and amplifies the sun protection factor of your sunscreen fourfold.

        The formula can be a little rich for oily and acne-prone skin. Which is why we created products for every skin type. 

        Not sure what is right for you, click here.

        People with sensitive skin have only experienced mild reactions with this ingredient which dissipates with continued use.

        Vitamin C brightens skin and evens out skin tone

        Vitamin C is essential for glowing skin; it firms’ skin, helps fade dark spots, can help fade acne scarring, and improves the way skin responds to UV light—all crucial for maintaining a youthful appearance. 

        Vitamin C a skincare essential, and Kakadu Plums contain a whole lot of it.

        It’s estimated that a single Kakadu plum contains more Vitamin C than an orange—55 times more, to be exact.

        They don't just contain Vitamin C, but additional lesser-known antioxidants like Gallic acid (good for restoring the skin's natural barrier) and Ellagic acid (helps restore elasticity to skin). 

        Vitamin C Fights Aging

        Vitamin C is crucial to regenerating and maintaining collagen levels in the skin. Apply it to your skin regularly will ward off wrinkles and age spots, keeping your skin looking young. This study shows that three months of topical vitamin C significantly reduced wrinkles and improved skin tone.

        Too much sun is one of the fastest ways to increase wrinkles. The high levels of antioxidants in Kakadu plums will help protect your skin from sun damage.

        Vitamin C Promotes collagen production and prevent skin sagging

        Collagens are the naturally occurring proteins that deplete over time. Lower levels of these proteins result in wrinkles and have an effect on firmness and elasticity of the skin.

        That’s why you begin to see sagging. None of us want that!!

        You are probably wondering – Where the heck is this article going?  Well you have to know the basics before moving on to selecting the right anti-aging skin care products. 

        My first experience buying my very own cosmetic product was in grade school. 

        Of course, my mom said it had to be neutral color and only the basics. 

        I remember staring at the sea of products on the shelf at my local drug store. 

        At a pre-teen I had no clue what was good or bad and frankly I didn’t care either.  I wanted to sparkle and shine. 

        I wanted to look pretty. I had babysitting money but just enough for a blush and lip gloss. 

        I was sooooo excited to try them out when I got home. 

        Although my mom was on our butts (I have 2 sisters) to make sure we wash our faces each morning and night, when you are young you may forget to do that all the time :(  I digress! Sorry! 

        I ran home and ran to the bathroom and put on my new blush and lip gloss. Damn – too much! 

        I rubbed my face causing the blush to go all over the place.  I looked silly and felt stupid. 

        I must have been mumbling loudly because a few seconds later my mom appears in the doorway with that WTH happened to your face look! 

        She saw that I was about to cry and laughed and said, no worries we can fix that.  And she did. 

        I’ve watched her put her makeup on every day since I can remember and thought I knew how to do it, but I am heavy handed and well it didn’t turn out so great!

        She opened up the bathroom medicine cabinet and began to wash my face then she sprayed something on it then patted my face dry. 

        After she was done putting on the blush, I was so happy. 

        I was not so happy the next day when I had a raw red rash on my cheeks. 

        Apparently, I was allergic to something in the blush.  This has been my affliction my entire life. 

        When you are on a very minute budget (if you can even call it a budget) you really can’t think about paying too much for makeup. 

        I made the wrong decision many times throughout high school and college in terms of skin care products. 

        Mostly because I either didn’t have a lot of money or because I didn’t take the time to look at the ingredients in the products that I was using. 

        My mom taught me how to make natural cleansers, lotions and some very basic serums in college. 

        I would often make them for family and friends as gifts as the years went by. 

        Fast forward to 2015.  After hours and hours of conversations with my husband and true partner in every sense of the word, we decided that all the knowledge that was passed down to me from my mom should be used. 

        I began researching what the best-selling skin care products were. 

        What made them special? What ingredients were in them?  What did they cost?  Where would I get the supplies, ingredients?? 

        My mom and I talked every day about how to formulate, test, reformulate, test again.

        The testing never stops.

        The research never stops. 

        The drive to create natural organic skin care, body care and hair care products that we are proud of never stops.

        I’m not saying all of our products are perfect for everyone, but I would bet you that once you try them, you will love the way your skin looks and feels.  

        That is our promise to you –

        ALWAYS! ❤️❤️

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