The Amazing Benefits of Pumpkin for Your Skin and Body

Fall is here!

The air is starting to feel more crisp, you’re probably dusting off your old trusty Ugg boots and making your way to Starbucks for your favorite...


Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Pumpkin is everywhere right now but it’s more than just some silly trend.  

Believe it or not, Pumpkins are actually jam packed with vitamins & minerals. Including Vitamin A, B, C, E & Beta-carotene…lucky for you.

decorative pumpkins

So what exactly does that mean for your skin?

Pumpkin is great to use on all skin types but is especially wonderful for those of us with dry skin. It’s rich in Vitamin A which helps soothe and soften any dry or rough patches from either your environment or over exposure to the sun.

Vitamin C helps prevent your skin from free radicals that cause wrinkles, premature signs of aging and even skin cancer (wow!).

Vitamin C also promotes collagen production which is a big part of keeping and maintaining your skins natural elasticity.

Pumpkin is rich in the B vitamins as well. Niacin (a B Vitamin) helps improve circulation and is known to treat acne. 

Pumpkin is not only great for skin but has tremendous health benefits.

When consuming the all loving vegetable, your body will get lots of beneficial minerals such as potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper and iron.

All of those minerals help promote hair regrowth, skin renewal, collagen production and even fight acne.

Eating pumpkin has been known to help

  • Boost vision
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Sleep Better
  • Have a Healthier Heart

With all of those powerful benefits it’s hard not to be completely obsessed with fall and our favorite vegetable.

Incorporating pumpkin into our daily lives is one trend that we should absolutely keep around.


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