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Article: How to Get Dewy, Baby Soft Skin Naturally

How to Get Dewy, Baby Soft Skin Naturally - Glimmer Goddess® Organic Skin Care

How to Get Dewy, Baby Soft Skin Naturally

Glimmer Goddess Organic Skin Care Our skin is our body’s first line of defense against harsh elements, germs, chemicals, and any other external threats.

It is the largest organ and quite impressive in how it functions, but it is not immune to “flaws”, the most common of which may be getting dry.

Nobody likes dry skin. It makes you look old, wrinkly and tired. 

No one wants to look old! 

We have 2 types of skin – the dermis which is the deeper layers that give our skin structure and the epidermis which is the outer layer that we can see.

Deep down cells are growing and reproducing, which push older cells to the skin’s surface.

As they near the surface their cell structure changes. By the time they reach the surface they are filled with water-retaining proteins and protected by a protein envelope and lipids (fats.)

These cells are, for all intents and purposes, dead. They lack a nucleus and true cell structure.

They are now your shield, stacked about 10-30 layers deep, and become the natural water-retaining barrier of the skin.

Free amino acids and several other naturally occurring chemicals, found in the skin’s surface, are your natural moisturizing factors.

Without them, your skin would be dry, brittle, and easily cracked! Damaging culprits can include soap, certain chemicals in cosmetics, harsh weather, low humidity, and (ironically) too much water.

When your skin does become damaged and dry it can use a little help from outside moisturizers.

These moisturizers are categorized as occlusive, emollients and humectant agents – the ultimate skin care trilogy!! 

If you want that glow each and every day, be sure to skin care products that have all 3.

Occlusives form a protective layer on top of skin to seal water in

Occlusive agents form a barrier that will literally block the loss of water from the skin.

They can help restore fats to the lipid barrier (examples of include oils and beeswax.)

Occlusives can come from plant sources such as candelilla wax, carnauba wax. 

They also come from heavy oils like macadamia oil, castor oil and cocoa butter. 

We love cocoa butter because it smells sooooo good and has fatty acids that deeply hydrates the skin.                 

             Emollients fill in and smooth the skin

Emollients helps keep the skin moist by reducing water loss by filling in the tiny gaps where our skin may be dry, flaky or even cracked.  We use some of the best natural organic emollients available in our skin care products.

For mature skin we suggest using any one or combination of these natural emollients.

Coconut Oil acts as an antioxidant that plumps & firms skin to stimulate cellular activity, fights the effects of aging & repairs rough, damaged skin.

  • It is an excellent moisturizer & has extraordinary anti-aging abilities.
  • It helps to restore elasticity & moisture to the skin.
  • Absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft & silky, not greasy

Olive oil is packed with skin loving nutrients including antioxidants, vitamin e, vitamin e and squalene which is extremely hydrating.

Avocado oil has a combination of antioxidants, vitamin E, moisturizing plants sterols and the rich levels of monounsaturated fatty acids that attract moisture to your skin. 

Argan oil is particularly good for dry skin due to its high vitamin e and fatty acid content. The antioxidants help restore skins elasticity and leaves skin feeling plumper and softer.

Humectants draw water from the air to hydrate the skin

Humectants attract water to the skin, sometimes from the environment, but mostly from the deeper levels of the dermis. 

Some of the best natural humectants and our favorites are:

  • Almond Oil makes skin healthier and is rich in vitamin A, B & E that helps maintain moisture levels of the skin with quick absorption without blocking the pores.
  • Honey is composed mainly of fructose and glucose with proteins, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and minerals. It is also a great source of alpha hydroxy acids which help remove the top layers of dead skin which encourages moisturization.
  • Vegetable Glycerin is clear and odor-free and has emollient properties which soften and smooth the scales of the skin, which help reduce rough, flaky skin. They are also occlusive agents: substances that provide a layer of protection that helps prevent moisture (water) loss from the skin.
  • Liquid Aloe Vera goes deep into the skin for supreme moisturization.
  • Hyaluronic Acid is able to naturally hydrate, smoothen and revitalize the skin and is a natural molecule that is normally found in the body to help keep your joints and eyes hydrated, whilst keeping your skin looking young.
  • Hydrolyzed Baoboa Proteins supply an amino acid called glutamine which specialized in the regeneration of cells.
  • Shea Butter is a wonderful skin hydrator that absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft & silky, not greasy.

For a boost of hydration try our Organic Skin Renewal Night Cream


Organic Skin Renewal Night Cream by Glimmer Goddess Organic Skin Care

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