Natural Remedies For Oily Skin


Woman with oily skinOily skin refers to a skin type that is shiny, thick, greasy and heavy textured skin especially on the T-zone (from your forehead, all through to your nose and chin).

When you have it, you will notice the excessive oil on your skin at midday, and this might melt down all the makeup you are wearing if it is not for oily skins.

It is common in younger women but as they age, their skin becomes much drier.

To help you identify it, oily skins are characterized by greasy feeling, shinny looks, enlarged pores (visible), often breakouts, spots, blackheads, pimples, and other blemishes due to the excessive production sebum by the overactive or hyperactive sebaceous glands (glands that produced oil) than it is needed.


Natural products we recommend for oily skin